Lovi Identity

From the past to today

Argenteria Lovi tells a fascinating story that lasts for more than 30 years, bound to land traditions and the antique art of silver manufacturing.
It was the passion for the noble metal of two Italian craftmen’s that led them into setting the first workshop.
From that moment many things have changed. The small workshop has grown into a factory with a wide and cosy show room.

The entire production (except for the Sheffield imported from England) is completely handmade by the local craftsmen and exported with the “Made in Italy” brand all over Europe.
Every product line has a different brand following the continuous changing needs of the market and matching the clients’ expectations.

The result is not just silver objects, but authentic works of art.
Masterpieces where the fantasy matches the most modern working techniques, creating a large range of products, from home furniture to silvered hand-painted glasses, as well as modern and classical silverware, baby gifts, flatware, silvered ceramics and many more articles that give prestige to your house.

From the past we got knowledge, passion and skills.
Our story represents our distinctive sign, a telling identity that represents the eternal brightness of what we love more: silver.